Heidi Klein's New Campaign at The Nam Hai Resort

Introducing Heidi Klein's Latest Collections 

We invite you to a behind-the-scenes peek into the making of our latest collection campaign, where we're taking you to the beautiful landscapes of The Nam Hai resort in Vietnam. This luxurious beachfront retreat is not just a tranquil hideaway; it's also a gateway to three World Heritage sites.

Our Co-Founder and Creative Director at Work: Heidi Klein, our Co-Founder and Creative Director, was the driving force behind the shoot. You'd often find her adjusting the angle of a hat or the drape of a cover-up, making sure each element was absolutely perfect; just how she designed it.

Behind the Makeup: The magic of our models transformation was in the hands of our incredibly talented makeup artist. Who worked her magic to accentuate the natural beauty of our gorgeous model.

Where Fashion Meets Natural Beauty

The serene backdrop of The Nam Hai and the rich Vietnamese culture have been the driving forces behind our latest swimwear and resort wear collections. Imagine waking up in a peaceful villa, with the sea softly serenading you and a pristine beach at your doorstep. It's a paradise that beautifully complements our latest campaign, effortlessly blending the natural beauty of Vietnam with luxury swim and resort fashion.

Behind the Scenes:

Our models and crew spent weeks in preparation. From choosing the right garments to match the resort's elegance to scouting the most picturesque spots for each shot, our team worked tirelessly to ensure that every frame captured the essence of The Nam Hai.

The Nam Hai isn't just a destination; it's an immersive experience waiting to be embraced. For the food enthusiasts, The Nam Hai's Cooking Academy recommends a visit to "Mì Quảng Ông Hai," where you can enjoy Cao lầu and Quang-style noodles. The concierge also suggests capturing the mesmerizing sunrise over the Thu Bồn River and the East Sea at the nearby fish market, along with indulging in local delicacies.


Behind the Scenes:

The experience of shooting at The Nam Hai went beyond just capturing beautiful clothing. We were welcomed with warmth by the local community and got to savor the culinary delights of Vietnam. Mornings often began with our team watching the sunrise over the Thu Bồn River, a sight that added a magical touch to our campaign.

Discover our new collections, available to buy online now.

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